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A business’ gross profit margin is a major indicator to analysts about its overall profitability and long-term sustainability. It’s critical that the margin is understood as well as what drives it and why analysts should be worried if it drops. This presentation explains why the margin is so important and how to analyse it.

Lending to businesses is never easy. The assessment of a bank’s risk is complex with a number of issues that have to be considered which are both internal and external to the business. What is often lacking is a clear process to follow in order to systematically assess these issues from a credit risk perspective. In this presentation, I introduce a framework and a process to enable these internal and external business risks to be identified.

In the macro-environment, new risk factors are constantly appearing but they are difficult to identify by the managers of the business as well as by bankers. As the major changes or developments in the macro-environment are usually outside the business’ control, it’s essential that the managers of the business are able to anticipate the impact of these changes on either the business itself or on its market before they actually happen, so as to be able to adjust the business’ products or processes accordingly. In this presentation I explain the analysis of the macro-environment through the use of the PESTEL framework.